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Turbocharge Your MG Midget

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Neil's (mine) 1098cc
Simon's 1275cc
Paul's 1275cc
Arno's 1275cc
Arno's Gearbox conversion
Charlie's 1380cc

Turbocharge Your MG Midget


Installation Problems

One of the first problems with this conversion is that the bonnet can foul the Dashpot on the Carburettor and does foul the metro Plenum Chamber.  You can either create a  small blister buldge in the bonnet, as done by Simon Atherton, else you can create your own plenum chamber and if needed mill down the top of the dashpot to fit as I have done.

If you have a left hand drive car then you have the added problem of the steering column, but if you see the photos page you will see how Arno Kosak has overcome this problem.

You will also find that the exhaust needs a intresting S shape creating to come out in the normal place, else you can try as Paul Droner has with his cobra style exhaust system


Parts you Need for the job

1 x MG Metro Turbo Inlet/exhaust unit. This comprises of the inlet manifold with carburettor, Turbo and turbo exhaust manifold.

1 x High-pressure fuel pump from a Metro turbo. (Jaguar cars use the same pump). Or any fuel pump off a car with fuel injection.

1 x Fuel pressure regulator, which must be boost sensing. The one on the Metro Turbo is.

1 x good Boost Gauge.

1 x length of copper pipe to make fuel tank return pipe.

1 x Plastic 3 way fish tank valve with screw adjustment. This is so that you can vary the boost pressure.

1 x 3-way (red) crankcase breather valve from a MetroTurbo.

1 x Free flowing exhaust system 1 7/8" to 2" in dia.

1 x Set of 1.5:1 high lift rockers. (Not vital)

1 x Set low compression Pistons. (Again not on my 1098 but always good for higher than 7psi)

My 1098cc 1964 MG Midget

Now this Midget has a standard engine, no changes to compression, head, rockers, valves etc, but the following page will show you most of what I did and also the differences that Simon did with his 1275 model


Things you dont need

You do not need the water cooled oil cooler from the Metro Turbo.

You do not need the Boost modulation device.

Click on picture to see full size custom plenum dimensions

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If only I could have shiney pipes

Link to Simon Athertons web pages